12 Weeks Home Beach Body Workout Program

As promised I will be sharing the exact workout program I followed for 3 months. If you have not followed my first blog post, view my before and after pictures.

This workout program was specifically designed for me by Trung Nguyen.  Real quick bio on Trung below. 

Trung Nguyen, PT, DPT, SCS, CSCS, MFS

Trung received his Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee after obtaining a B.S. in Fitness and Wellness from Louisiana Tech University.  Since 2007, he has been practicing as a licensed Physical Therapist (PT) in Texas specializing in treating a variety of sports related injuries.  In addition, Trung is also a Board Certified Specialist in Sports Physical Therapy (SCS), the highest honor in the sports physical therapy field.

Okay so none of that may mean anything to you or myself.  Lets just say he designed the most effective and efficient home workout program that can be done in 30 minutes or less (Because who has time to workout 1.5 hours a day?)  Mainly uses your own bodyweight with minimal equipment required (pair of dumbbells, stability ball and pull up bar).  He helped me focus on proper form and instructions to prevent injuries (using his PT background). 

Please also keep in mind that this program was designed for my fitness level which is intermediate.  If you are a beginner (have never worked out or have not done regularly worked out in a while), then I do not recommend you follow this exact program, exercises and intensity. 

So moving on to the routines, its basically 3 phases each 4 weeks long.  

The first phase gets your body conditioned and you workout only 3 days a week doing total body. Its important that you stick to this for 4 weeks to properly condition your body.  Phase two splits up the workouts into 3 routines where you workout 5 days a week and is designed for muscle growth. Phase three is designed for you to workout 6 days a week as a muscle ripping effect.

Keep in mind that this program is considered a high intensity workout, which means you take very little breaks designed to keep your heart rate up while performing moves that will build muscle and tone your body while dropping fat.  

Also, you may notice that you essentially do the same exercises for 4 weeks in a row in each phase.  Scientific studies have shown that it takes your body 4-6 weeks to get use to a movement and for maximum muscle growth.  It may seem boring but it is most efficient.  This allows you to mentally and physically get used to the movements the 1st and 2nd week.  By 3rd week you should be able to memorize the routine and perform it efficiently. By the 4th week (last week of each phase), you should be able to perform the routines at your highest intensity. 

I’ve attached link to the workout video which shows you how its done.  They are not great quality videos, but should give you the proper instructions.   So there you have it, if you follow this program, give it your best for each workout and have a proper eating plan (next blog post) you should be able to bring out your abs and improve your strength and muscle gain. 

Equipment Needed:
dumbbells, stability ball and pull up bar 

First 4 Weeks (Total Body Fat Loss)
Video: https://vimeo.com/49530566


*3 Days Per Week*

Exercises                                          Reps                         Rest

1.  DB Squat Press                               30 secs                      0

2.  DB Push-Up Row                            30 secs                      0

3.  Pull-Up                                          30 secs or max          0

4.  Stability Ball Roll-Out                     60 secs or max          0

5.  Plank Matrix                                   30 secs each             0

6.  Cross-Over Mountain Climber        30 secs                     60 secs

Repeat this workout 3-4 more times

Next 4 Weeks (Maximize Muscle Gain)
Video: https://vimeo.com/46229866

*5 Days Per Week*

Day 1 and 3 - Chest, Back, Shoulder and Core

Exercises                                             Reps                 Rest

1.  Plyo Push-Up                                    Max                    0

2.  Pull-Up                                             Max                    0

3.  Declined Push-Up                             Max                    10 secs

4.  Single Leg DB Bent-Over Row            30 secs               0

5.  Single Leg DB Shoulder Press            30 secs                0

6.  Plank Matrix with Pelvis Crunch        30 secs each        60 secs

Repeat cycle 3-4 more times

Day 2 and 4 - Legs, Abs, Biceps and Triceps

Exercises                                              Reps                 Rest

1.  Tuck Jump                                          Max                    0

2.  Underhand Eccentric Pull-Up              Max                    0

3.  Single Leg DB Biceps Curl                   30 secs               10 secs

4.  Diamond Eccentric Push-Up               Max                    0

5.  DB Lunge Triceps Extension               30 secs               0

6.  V-Up                                                  Max                    60 secs

Repeat cycle 3-4 more times

Day 5 (Total Body Cardio)

Exercises                                           Reps                 Rest

1.  Burpee                                            30 secs               0

2.  Cross-Over Mountain Climber        30 secs                0

3.  Single Leg Plyo Lawn-Mower          30 secs each        0

4.  High Knee Sprint                            30 secs                45 secs

Repeat cycle 3-4 more times


Last 4 Weeks (Muscle Ripping Effect) 
Video: https://vimeo.com/46206144

*6 Days Per Week*

Day 1, 3 and 5 - Upper Body
     Exercises                                              Reps                 Rest
  1. Chair Dip                                            30 secs                0
  2. Pull-Up                                               Max                    0
  3. Push-Up Clap                                     30 secs                0
  4. Single Leg DB Bent-Over Row              30 secs                0
  5. DB Push-Up and Row                          30 secs                0
  6. Declined Push-Up                               30 secs                60 secs
Repeat cycle 3-4 more times

Day 2, 4 and 6 - Lower Body, Cardio and Abs

     Exercises                                                  Reps                 Rest
  1. Alternate Plyo Lunges                              30 secs               40
  2. SB Pike                                                    30 secs                0
  3. SB or Ab Roller Roll-Out                          30 secs                0
  4. High Knee Sprint                                     30 secs                0
  5. Plank Matrix with Pelvis Crunch               30 secs each        0
  6. Cross-Over Mountain Climber                 30 secs                60 secs
Repeat cycle 3-4 more times
This is how you cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner all in one shot.  #quickmeals #fitness #bodyforlife

This is how you cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner all in one shot. #quickmeals #fitness #bodyforlife

Getting Fit and Staying Fit in the Time You Have

I’m sure you could look like Ryan Reynolds (if you’re a guy) within 5 months of doing super intense training like when he bulked up and got ripped for the Blade movie role if:

  • you spent tons of money on a top personal trainer
  • your job depends on it (e.g. movie star and getting paid millions to do so)
  • you get paid millions for doing so
  • the hours spent working out is part of your normal work day
  • you have a chef preparing meals for you so your diet is super clean

However, that is most likely not you.  That is definitely not me (If you didn’t know, I’m a software programmer who works 50-60 hours a week on the computer).  Ryan Reynolds must have gained like 20lbs of muscle and got his body fat percentage down to 4%-5%. 

Here is what Ryan Reynolds looked like before his transformation. That is some jaw dropping transformation!


Now, if you refer back to the first picture earlier, most of us will never look like that.   And if we did get there it would not be sustainable.  

Now look at the picture below of Ryan Reynolds a few months after the Blade movie.  He lost probably half of his muscle gain, but still looks fit with toned muscle and of course still have visible core six pack abs. 

Would you want to look like Ryan Reynolds above in 5 months by working out just 30 minutes per day, 3-5x a week, at home with mainly your bodyweight (minimum equipment) and be able to keep it year round? This is exactly what I did for 3.5 months.  Here is a side by side comparison:

Don’t have time to workout? This seems to be one of many excuses that people tend to have. I’ve always believe that if you want something bad enough, you will make time for it.

*Eating Disclaimer* We all know that abs are made in the kitchen, so eating properly is a significant part of your training to be effective in gaining lean muscle mass and dropping body fat.  Both Ryan Reynolds and myself had a good eating plan. I’m going to write another post on “sustainable six pack abs diet plan” in a future post.   

The other 23.5 hours.  
There are 24 hours in a day.  Lets assume you sleep for 8 hours a day and you go to work for 8 hours a day.  That leaves you with 8 hours where you make daily or weekly choices of what you are going to do. 
The average American watches something like 4-5 hours of TV per day.  That is nuts! Here are some other things I know people do in those 8 hours.  
  • Playing online games like World of Warcraft, Diablo 3, etc) for 2-4 hours at a time.
  • Doing idle socializations for hours at a time, many times a week which includes eating out and spending money plus time (easily a 2 hour dinner ordeal)
  • Watching movies and shows for 2 hours a day easily on NetFlix

Now I know many of you have real obligations like family, kids, house work, pets or even a 2nd job, commuting in traffic.  Perhaps you have other hobbies and interests that takes up part of your other 8 hours like playing a musical instrument, home remodeling, rebuilding cars, sewing, volunteering, cooking, etc. Honestly those are great.  I believe it is important for you to do activities that helps your personal development or makes someone else happy.   However, working out is also a personal development activity as well. 

Here are many different ways I find the time to workout in just 30 minutes per day. 

  • I wake up 30 minutes earlier then my normal wake up time
  • As soon as I get home from work, instead of popping on the TV, I just jump into my workout IMMEDIATELY
  • While my wife takes at least 30-45 minutes on average to shower, do makeup, brush her hair, getting dressed—in the time I wait for her to be done, I can complete a full high intensity 30 minute workout that gets me pumped and ready to head out into the world for the day or evening.
  • By working out at home, in the time it would have taken me to get to the gym (15 minutes) and to get home from the gym (15 minutes), I can complete a full high intensity workout
  • I workout at work. Instead of taking 1-1.5 hour lunches during work, I bring my lunch with me which only takes me 15 minutes to eat freeing up time to do a 30 minute workout
Still think you don’t have time? Look at what you do each day outside of sleeping and working. Make working out your priority and make it the first 30 minutes of your day at least 3x a week starting out.  Then goto 5x a week.  Cut back other time wasters for just 30 minutes day and get your workout in. 
Some of you may not be knowledgeable about working out.  In fact, its not just about working out, its about working out effectively, efficiently and safely. I wasn’t either.  I never achieved my strength gains and ideal body physique goals working out on and off spending 1.5 hours going to the gym for last 10 years.  I owe it to Trung Nguyen who created some workout programs for me (I will talk more about the workouts in a future post).  If you want more info, just goto www.getfitchimp.com

My future posts will talk about dieting and sample workouts I do. 

Not Working Out and Not Eating Properly for 2 Weeks

If you’ve read my post “Six pack abs in 15 weeks or less" then you know that I’ve been consistently working out and eating relatively healthy for last 3-4 months since April 9th, 2012.  

After consistently training less then 30 minutes a day, 3x-5x a week and eating healthy consistently 5x a week, I decided to do an experiment on myself.  For the last two weeks since the night of Aug 25th, I decided not to workout for 2 weeks and during that time to go a lot more relaxed on my diet.  

The “Accidental Experiment”
Okay, I would consider the last 2 weeks to be more of an “accidental experiment” and it all started on August 25th, 2012.  That day I started feeling some some pain in my lower leg and feet. My legs felt very tight and when I did burpees or even jumping jacks, my shin was hurting.  I believe this was caused by my intense sprinting activities from a few days before and possibly lack of stretching (I will have a future posts regarding injuries).  

That evening I also had a boat party barge that I’ve been hosting last few years and we had plenty of food, beer and alcohol.  I consumed plenty of beer (including performing a keg stand for 10 seconds) and doing at least 6 rounds of vodka shots.  

A few hours after the boat party on August 26th, 2012 at 12:30am when I got home and decided that pizza and breadsticks would top of the night.  I called up Dominos which was still open and ordered a Fiery Hawaiian Pizza. I ended up consuming 3 slices of Pizza and 3 breadsticks.  

The next day, I ended up eating 2 large slices of cake for a friend’s birthday and ate another slice the next day because it was left in my fridge.  

The 2 Week Long Break from Working Out

I figured that I would take a week long break from working out just to let my body rest, for my legs and feet to heal from the injury.  However, after one week break, labor day came and that really pushed me back another week of not working out.

I kept telling myself that I would at least start my upper body training again on Sept 3rd after Labor Day weekend but that did not happen.  I wasn’t eating properly which probably led to having less energy and desire to workout as well on top of my injury. 

The “Relaxed Diet”
So not only did I not work out, I did not watch what I ate nor controlled my portions.  I ate until I was stuffed at most meals including very heavy 3 course meals for dinners, feasting on desserts and late night carbs. 

Here were some of my actual food items I ate

  • Pizza at 12:30 in the morning
  • Fried catfish with french fries until I was stuffed  
  • In and Out burgers and fries
  • Kolaches for breakfast
  • Godiva chocolate 
  • Potato chips for snacks
  • Plenty of Ice cream cakes
  • Tons of desserts like cheesecake, double chocolate cake and flan
  • Fried chicken tenders and fries
  • 2 Packs of Sour Patch kids candy
I will talk in more detail about my “six pack abs diet” in future posts but lets just say the last 2 weeks I was not on that diet. 

Results of the “Experiment”

Today I took a picture of myself to compare how my body looks after 2 weeks of this “experiment”

Here is the picture from August 9th, 2012 that was also posted in my first blog post. 

So if you have not already figured out what the experiment was, it was to see how my body may have changed after 2 weeks of not working out and not eating properly. Do you notice any difference?  I still have good definition but upper body muscle appears less defined and core section appears a bit heavier.  Aside from looks, I feel weaker but I’m sure 1 week of getting back into working out I should be back at the level I was 2 weeks ago. 

The good news is I still have the “six pack abs” and toned muscle.  The bad news is, I don’t feel as strong and energetic.  

Getting Back into Training Program and Eating Properly

When I first started working out I had noticebely positive strength gains and body transformation after 4 weeks.  Even though my body did not change that much in 2 weeks of not working out and eating properly, I am pretty sure if I kept this up for another 2 weeks I would notice tremendous differences.  My suggestion is to not take more then 1 week break in between program workout cycles (12-16 weeks long).  Also during the workout break, you should continue to eat properly as usual.  

I will be starting my in-home 30 minute body weight training workouts again this Monday Sept, 10th 2012.  I will be eating my healthy diet again as well. More regarding my diet in future blog posts.  

My future blog posts will talk about topics such as Getting Fit in the Time You Have, my Sustainable Workout RoutinesMotivational elements, Confidence, The Un-american Diet and my Sustainable Six Pack Abs Diet Plans.   


Six Pack Abs in 15 weeks or less

I’ve been meaning to start this blog for last few weeks but never found the time/inspiration to do so. It is currently Labor Day, Monday, Sept 3rd, 2012 @ 1:46AM CST and I’m writing this post sitting in a hotel room in Grape Vine, Texas on my short weekend getaway with my wife.  This blog will be about my personal fitness journey. Here are some quick pics to get you interested.

Picture from April 9th, 2012.  The Day I started my fitness journey.  

Front body pic, April 9th, 2012

July 31st, 15 weeks into my Fitness Journey (picture below). You can see the increased muscle definition in chest and arms as well as a more defined and visible core section. Now I did take a week off in between because of a 1 week trip to Hawaii at end of May.  

Week 15 with six pack abs

Here is a back view (picture below) I took comparing Week 1 to Week 11 of my beginning personal fitness journey.

Back view

So why this blog? I’ve been starting this fitness Journey since April 9th, 2012 and have made noticeable transformation on my strength and physique.  I want to educate, inform and inspire my friends and anyone interested regarding personal fitness.  Here are the 3 biggest questions I generally get from my friends after seeing my results and the main incentives why I want to create this blog. 

1) How do you do it?

I workout in 30 minutes or less per day, at home with mainly my body weight.  Its possible, you just need to have some knowledge regarding your body, fitness and diet.  In other words, I DO NOT spend 1.5 hours each time going to the gym like most people do.  

2) How long are you training for?

This question annoys me because with the hyped up and age of infomercials programs like P90x (3 months) and Insanity (2 months) programs.  My answer is “For life”.  I’m not doing a 3 month program just to get in shape for the summer just to lose all my hard work a few months later.  I’m doing this as a sustainable life style.  

3) How long are you on this diet?

This question annoys me as well.  People think getting on a “diet” is about starving yourself or not eating what you want.  The truth is, eating healthy is a lifestyle and that is the choice I make.  However, you will learn that I “cheat” at least 1 day a week or 3 meals a week with anything I want. 

Lets get one thing clear.  I’m not doing this “fitness program” or “diet” for 3 months or 6 months.  I’m not going low carbs.  I still eat burgers, fried food, pizza, etc.  I’m turning this into a sustainable lifestyle.  Will talk more about this later.

Here was a pic of me on June 24th, 2012 about 10 weeks into my fitness Journey.  I was on a paddle board on Lake Austin.   

paddle boarding

I have a lot more to share, including more details on “How I do it” as well as sharing with you my ongoing updates, so get ready to be inspired.

Follow my journey to getting fit and staying fit while exercising just 30 minutes per day (yes even with pretty little six pack abs). My name is Truong, I'm a programmer from Austin, TX who works 50-60 hours a week on the computer. I want to inspire you to get fit in the time you have.


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